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1875 Elliott & Fry photograph, by
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Contents of this Site:
Charlotte Riddell – A  Biographical Sketch                       

Charlotte Riddell (1832 – 1906) – A Chronology


Charlotte Riddell - Bibliographies

i)  Charlotte Riddell’s Novels & Books

ii)  Serialisations of  Riddell’s Novels

    a) Illustrations for the Serialisation of Austin Friars

iii) Charlotte Riddell’s Short Story Collections

iv) Charlotte Riddell’s Uncollected Short Stories


Charlotte Riddell’s Supernatural Fiction
Illustrations to Charlotte Riddell's Supernatural Fiction


Early Biographical Information on Charlotte Riddell

Reminiscences of Sir Wemyss Reid

Reminiscences by Harry Furniss.

Interview with Raymond Blathwayt from the Pall Mall Gazette.

Interview with Helen C. Black from Notable Women Authors of the Day.

Chapter from Wilkie Collins, Le Fanu & Others by S.M. Ellis.


Plot Summaries of  Riddell’s Novels

Contemporary Reviews

Obituaries of Charlotte Riddell

Recent Reprints of Riddell’s Novels & Stories


Books, Articles & Essays Featuring useful Information on Charlotte Riddell


Biographical note on  Riddell by Peter Berresford Ellis

Cornell University's Charlotte Riddell Pages on the "Women in the Literary Marketplace:1800-1900" Website

i)  Photograph of Riddell at c.60

ii) Letter Riddell wrote to her publishers on 8th December 1897


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