Bibliography of Charlotte Riddell’s Novels & Books

Compiled by Michael Flowers ©2005-2006

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Novels are issued in three volumes unless stated otherwise.


An early three volume edition of
George Geith (1864) - Riddell's best selling title. 
Courtesy of Jennifer Carnell of The Sensation Press.

Year           Title                                                                        Publisher

1856          Zuriel’s Grandchild                                              T.C. Newby

1857          The Ruling Passion                                               Bentley

                  The Moors and the Fens                                       Smith, Elder

1858          The Rich Husband                                                 Charles Skeet

1860          Too Much Alone                                                    Charles Skeet

1861          City and Suburb                                                    Charles Skeet

1862          The World in the Church                                      Charles Skeet

1864          George Geith of Fen Court                                  Tinsley Brothers

1865          Maxwell Drewitt                                                   Tinsley Brothers

1866          Phemie Keller                                                       Tinsley Brothers

                  The Race for Wealth                                             Tinsley Brothers


First edition of The Race for Wealth

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lake (c) 2006

1867          Far Above Rubies                                                 Tinsley Brothers

1869          My First Love [1 volume]                                     St James Christmas Box

1870          Austin Friars                                                        Tinsley Brothers

                  Long Ago [1 volume]


First edition Austin Friars

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lake (c) 2006


1871          A Life’s Assize                                                       Tinsley Brothers

1872          How to Spend a Month in Ireland [1 vol]             Chatto and Windus

1873          The Earl’s Promise                                               Tinsley Brothers

                  Home, Sweet Home                                               Tinsley Brothers

                  Fairy Water  [1 volume]                                        Routledge’s Christmas

                  Joy After Sorrow [Zuriel’s Grandchild].

1874                  Mortomley’s Estate                                               Tinsley Brothers

                  Frank Sinclair’s Wife & Other Stories                  Tinsley Brothers

1875          The Uninhabited House  [1 volume]                      Routledge’s Christmas

1876          Above Suspicion                                                    Tinsley Brothers

1877          Her Mother’s Darling                                           Tinsley Brothers

                  The Haunted River  [1 volume]                              Routledge’s Christmas

1878          The Disappearance of Mr. Jeremiah                     Routledge’s Christmas

                  Redworth   [1 volume]

1880          The Mystery in Palace Gardens                            Bentley


A yellowback reprint from the 1890's 
of The Mystery in Palace Gardens.:
Photo © 2005 Richard Cook


1881          Alaric Spenceley                                                    Charles Skeet

                  The Senior Partner                                                Bentley

1882                   Daisies and Buttercups                                          Bentley

                  The Prince of Wales’s Garden Party [1 vol]         Chatto and Windus

                  The Curate of Lowood  [1 volume]                        London Society

                  Weird Stories  [1 volume]                                       James Hogg

1883          A Struggle for Fame                                             Bentley

1884          Susan Drummond                                                 Bentley

                  Berna Boyle                                                           Bentley

1885          Mitre Court                                                           Bentley

1886          For Dick’s Sake  [1 volume]                                  S.P.C.K.

1887          Miss Gascoigne*  [1 volume]                                 Ward and Downey

                  The Government Official                                      Bentley

                  The Nun’s Curse*                                                 Ward and Downey

1888          Idle Tales                                                              Ward and Downey

1889          Princess Sunshine & Other Stories                       Ward and Downey

1890          My First Love  [1 volume]                                     Hutchinson

1891          A Mad Tour, or A Journey Undertaken                Bentley

                   in an Insane Moment through Central

                  Europe on Foot   [1 volume]

1892          The Head of the Firm   [1 volume]                        Heinemann

1893          The Rusty Sword  [1 volume]                                 S.P.C.K.


Cover for the first edition of
The Rusty Sword Picture courtesy of
Jennifer Carnell of The Sensation Press.


                  A Silent Tragedy  [1 volume]                                 F.V. White

1894          The Banshee’s Warning & Other Tales                 Remington

1897          Did He Deserve It?  [1 volume]                             F.V. White

                  A Rich Man’s Daughter  [1 volume]                      F.V. White

1899          Handsome Phil & Other Stories [1 vol]                F.V. White

1900          The Footfall of Fate  [1 volume]                           F.V. White

1902          Poor Fellow!   [1 volume]                                      F.V. White

* The date for these novels is normally given as 1888, but review copies were definitely

available in 1887, so this is the date given as publication here.


Tauchnitz Volumes of Riddell’s Books

Date                      Title                                      Volume No        Last published
1865                   George Geith of Fen Court    770, 771                1922
1866                   Maxwell Drewitt                     809, 810                1895
1866                   The Race for Wealth               864, 865                1919
1867                   Far Above Rubies                   912, 913                1889
1873                   The Earl’s Promise                1355, 1356             1903
1874                   Mortomley’s Estate                1464, 1465            1874

I am indebted to Richard Beaton for sending this information.  To look through his extensive collection of Victorian books follow this link: Victorian Stock Room

 Source for this information: William B Todd & Ann Bowden (eds.) Tauchnitz International Editions in English, 1841 – 1955 (Bibliographical Society of America, 1988.



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