Charlotte Riddell’s Short Story Collections

Compiled by Michael Flowers ©2005-2006

First edition of Handsome Phil & Other Stories

Photo Miles Stribling. (c) 2006


Frank Sinclair’s Wife & Other Stories, Tinsley Brothers, 1874, 3 vols
i) Frank Sinclair’s Wife 

ii) My First Love  

iii) My Last Love

iv) Forewarned, Forearmed  

v) Hertford O’Donnell’s Warning.


The Prince of Wales’s Garden Party & Other Stories, Chatto & Windus, 1882, 1 vol

i) The Prince of Wales’s Garden Party 

ii) Lady Dugdale’s Diamonds 

iii) Far Stranger than Fiction  

iv) Captain Mat’s Wager 

v) Margaret Donnan 

vi) Miss Molloy’s Mishap 

vii) Mrs. Donald.


Weird Stories, James Hogg, 1882, 1 vol

i) Walnut-Tree House 

ii) The Open Door  

iii) Nut-Bush Farm

iv) The Old House in Vauxhall Walk  

v) Sandy the Tinker 

vi) Old Mrs. Jones.


Idle Tales, Ward & Downey, 1888, 1 vol

i) The Run on Connell’s Bank

ii) Only a Lost Letter 

iii) He Loved and He Rode Away  iv) Pretty Peggy 

v) A Slight Misapprehension

vi) The Misses Popkin 

vii) The Last of Squire Ennismore 

viii) A Storm in a Tea Cup


Princess Sunshine & Other Stories, Ward & Downey, 1889, 2 vols 

i) Princess Sunshine 

ii) A Terrible Vengeance  

iii) Why Dr. Cray Left Southam.


The Banshee’s Warning & Other Tales, Remington, 1894, 1 vol

i) The Banshee’s Warning 

ii) Mr. Mabbot’s Fright  

iii) A Vagrant Digestion

iv) Bertie Evering’s Experience 

v) Little Jane vi) So Near; or the Pity of it.


Handsome Phil & Other Stories, F.V. White, 1899, 1 vol

i) Handsome Phil 

ii) Diarmid Chittock’s Story

ii) Out in the Cold

iii) Mr. Polzoy’s Little Katey

iv) In Deadly Peril

v) Conn Kilrea 

vi) Dr. Varvill’s Prescription 

vii) A Personal Experience.



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